Saturday, January 29, 2011

Organic Resources

Hi Fitness Friends!

Here are a few of my favorite organic resources that I would like to share with you.

Where I live it's tough to find organic foods and products so I've had to do my research. Fortunately my favorite magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, provided a website that aloud me to search for a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Where I now enjoy mostly local, fruits, veggies, and other whole foods. I used this website to find the CSA I currently use and love so much. These farms also have opportunities for you to visit, meet the farmers and see where your food comes from. This fall the Gates Family did just that! My then one year old loved picking her own pumpkins, running around in the maze and eating all the delicious foods prepared straight from the farm.

Another great resource is Azure Standard. This company carries organic goods from Diapers, veggies, to shampoo and granola bars. But that isn't the best part, the best part is they carry these things in BULK! For example, I love organic/raw coconut oil. I love to eat it, wear it and use it to condition my hair. So to have it around all the time and save money I bought a 1 Gallon tub of it from Azure Standard! One of my best purchases of 2010.

One last resource, Costco! Can you believe it, this company is turning into an organic foods distributor fast. Becoming one of Whole foods largest competitors.

Take advantage of these resources and start getting your organic foods today!

Your Fitness friend,

Misty G