Sunday, July 31, 2011

From couch to fabulously Fit

Welcome to the first day of the "From Couch to Fabulously Fit" series! These are my favorite motivating tips, compiled into several short and sweet posts. These are the tips that got me motivated to get off the couch and got me into a bikini after losing 50 lbs!

TIP #1:
Get a gym bag filled with all your hygeine goods ready to go at all times!  To enjoy the process, make it a cute bag. Remember the key to fitness is to enjoy the ride. So enjoy the process of picking out your gym bags and filling them up with goods that you'll look foward to using at the gym. like delicious smelling shampoo! 

I picked up these bags for $17 at JcPenney's. These aren't prints I would go out of my way to buy, but I couldn't beat the price and convenience.

I filled my bag with my everyday hygiene products, like Cetaphil face wash, my venus razor and my Dove soap. To save money I threw in a couple of my hotel shampoo's and conditioners. which worked out perfect when my girlfriend needed to borrow some at the gym and I had multiple!

This is another bag I found that I thought was cheap and cute!
I didn't buy it but I thought I'd share it:) If you like it, ask me where I found it!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Dress up!

Evi and I were completely inspired by a new book I bought called "What I Wore".We decided to dive into our closets and create new outfits with clothes we already had. We just wanted to feel fabulous! I think we succeeded! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From Couch to fabulously Fit

In this new series beginning August 1st, I will take you through my personal fitness journey, revealing my  top secrets that got me motivated to get off the couch and got me into a bikini after losing 50 lbs! The key I explain is to enjoy your fitness process/journey. We all want to feel sexy and confident in our bodies. How do we get there and stay there? We enjoy the ride...
what are some of the secrets?

  1. Buy cute workout clothes! these don't have to be expensive, check out target and forever 21!
  2. Make a workout friend! I don't care how you do it, make a new friend at the gym or drag one of your current friends, but have a friend that you workout with at least twice per week!
  3. Clean eats! get creative and cultured with your food. throw on some french tunes, poor a glass of heart healthy red wine and start cooking a new french inspired, clean version recipe.
  4. Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare!