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Fit Fam Lifestyle Month!

Fit Fam Lifestyle Month!

With being a mother to three very active children, I find that I am always on the run...and I love it! It’s also helpful that by being so busy, I get to stay fit and looking my best. Since, it is Fit Family Lifestyles Month I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips on how to stay fit and healthy while on the road or vacationing with your family!
Preparing for a vacation: Vacations are meant for enjoyment...right!? So with keeping that in mind, I always make it a point to work a little harder before my vacation starts by eating healthy and doing a little extra exercise! This will gives your body a little leeway to indulge while on vacation. However, I always stay active while I’m on vacation, even if it is just doing fun things like walking around amusement parks with my kids or making sure I get to the pool for a swim. Bringing that extra ‘luggage’ home around your love handles is never fun.
•Pre Pack Snacks. If you want to make sure that your snacking is healthy, avoid the convenience store. Pack cut fruit, string cheese, pretzels or homemade trail mix for healthy snacking throughout the day. If you are craving something sweet, pack a little baggie of dark chocolate M&M’s to conquer the craving.
•Bring Comfortable Shoes. You should pack a pair of heels for special occasions and your favorite tennis shoes. Not only will this save room packing, it will also encourage you to stay active because your feet will not hurt.
•Make Your Accommodations More Like Home. Small children, especially toddlers, have a hard time adjusting to hotel rooms. It is not “their” sleep environment and they cannot ever seem to calm down and sleep. Ring some of the comforts of home like their favorite blanket, noise machines if they use one to sleep and their favorite books for bedtime stories.
•Plan Ahead For Optimal Fun. If you take the time to plan your vacation ahead of time you will be able to enjoy more while you are gone. Make sure to look for hiking opportunities and other outdoor activities. Not only do these types of entertainment keep you fit, it helps the little ones burn off some energy.
I am always happy to celebrate Fit Family Lifestyles Month, and I hope that some of these healthy vacation tips will be useful to you. Of course, when we get home from vacation I always pack healthy snacks, encourage sports and outdoor activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

7 steps to Embracing & Loving your pregnant body

As a woman who has worked hard (losing 50lbs) to regain her fit body after my first child. As a woman who considers herself healthy, strong, energetic with lots of stamina, accepting my changing pregnant body has been a challenge to say the least. So much so that I've put off posting anything on my blog since I discovered I was pregnant.

The thing is, my husband and I were planning this pregnancy! So I very much wanted this, but I didn't want the change of my thighs, hips and energy level, to name just a few.

So with that said, I'm excited to announce to you, my fitness friends, that I Misty Gates at 29 weeks have fully embraced my changing body. I have decided to love the very TEMPORARY changes. Enjoy and declare to the world that I am pregnant and love it! I would love to share with you some of the steps I've taken to Embrace and love my body.

 Here are my 7 steps to Embracing & Loving your pregnant body:

1.) Go shopping for maternity clothes or stylish clothes that show off your baby bump.

2.) Schedule photoshoots. Or to keep it on the cheap have someone take pictures of you in your tightest, cutest clothes.

3.) Read articles about everything pregnancy, from checklists to child birth articles.

4.) Look into all prenatal and postnatal courses available to you. Even though I'm a second time mom, courses get me in the mind frame of what's coming. There's a mental shift that happens when you begin surrounding yourself with all things baby. For me, birthing courses will be especially important, as I had an emergency c-section with my first and will be trying for a VBAC with my second.

5.) Get the calendar out and start counting (X'ing) down the days. For me this is a great visual of how much time I have left. This is something I haven't done yet but that I will do starting tomorrow!

6.) Cradle your belly and pray quietly or out loud over your baby. Often times I just hold my belly and send warm loving thoughts towards my little girl. This is something I have done for ahwile now:)

7.) Prepare your nursery. But make it extra special! If you're not an interior designer at heart, which is me! Then ask close friends who are great at decorating for advice about your babies room. I recommend finding a piece that speaks to you and starting there. For me is was pinterest then a pair of baby shoes then I found a canvas piece that took my nursery design planning to a whole new level.

These are it. My simple but important steps to Embracing and Loving your pregnant body.

I hope these tips help you as they have for me!

With lots of love,

Misty Gates

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gates Family Road Trip Day 4

Day 4 was 11 hours in the car.... but when we arrived in Moab, we were in awe. I love you South East Utah...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gates Family Road Trip, Day 3

In Boise with the Gates Family and looking forward to being inspired by the fitness culture that thrives in Boise. We start our day with News, coffee and breakfast and then off to floating the river.

Gates Family Road Trip, Day 2

Day 2 Driving from Yakima to Boise, ID

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

4 WK Challenge: Fitness Tips

Fitness camp starts Tuesday June 5th! If you are not able to join us in person, you can still reap benefits by following these tride and true fitness tips! Tips that will help you lose weight, gain muscle and feel energized!

1.) Drink 3-4 liters of water per day, distilled water is ideal but focus on getting your water. you can even squeeze a little lemon in there for taste and detoxing purposes.

2.) Black coffee or tea. let's eliminate that creamer, at least for this 4 week challenge!

3.) 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day. Eating 2.5-3 hours apart (no snacking inbetween) Read an example of what this looks like with my 10 day photoshoot prep post . If your in camp with Shannon and I you get a copy of meal tips, follow these guidelines as well.

4.) No Sugar. this means even artificial sugar. Fruit is an exception but limit your fruit to 2 servings per day. For example, blueberries with breakfast and an apple for your snack. But get excited because studies show that when having 1 cheat MEAL or dessert (not day) is allowed each week, eating healthy and skipping sugar becomes more sustainable. 

5.) Piggy backing off of tip #4 be sure you allow yourself 1  CHEAT MEAL (not day). This may mean looking forward to your favorite banana-split ice-cream on Saturday or a big hamburger and fries Friday night at that BBQ. know your schedule for the week and be prepared. If you have a BBQ make that your cheat meal for the week:) 

6.) YES you CAN eat carbs, yay!! But be sure they are things like, sweet potatoes, brown-rice and steel-cut oatmeal. try to eat them with breakfast and lunch but avoid them after lunch.

7.)  Relaxation is another key to health and weight loss! So add an at-home spa routine to your schedule 1 to 2x per week. this bath can include, epson salt, detox mud and coconut oil for hair deep condition and body lotion!  

There you have it! There could be a lot more to write down but these are the basic and essential guidelines! 


 please see your doctor before starting any type of new exercise or fitness program.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Check your local listings, JNL Fusion DVDs have hit theTV WORLDWIDE! First infomerrcial times and channels....

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FREE podcast!! Listen to AlliB and Busy Fit Mom, Misty Gates, as they discuss the latest fitness trends, Do's & Don'ts and Goals we all should be working on. With their positive and hilarious dynamic you will enjoy being inspired to achieve your fitness goals! Share the love by giving your feedback and telling your friends about this FREE podcast.

NEW AlliB Show with Misty Gates

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Getting ready to be a guest on The AlliB podcast! Love my North West Fitness sister!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

From Couch to Fabulously Fit

Welcome to the Third tip of the "From Couch to Fabulously Fit" series! These are my favorite motivating tips, compiled into several short and sweet posts. These are the tips that got me motivated to get off the couch and got me into a bikini after losing 50 lbs!

Tip #3

Read Motivating Material! 
If you are having a tough time getting off that couch then this is one more great tip for you! Pick up some motivating fitness material that will guide you in your fitness journey and get you excited!! It never fails when I am feeling the slump every few months! This method has worked for me for years and I know it will help you combined with all my other tips!! 

This has been one of my favorite magazines since I discovered it along with Muscle and Fitness Her's in 2002! Reliable, consistent material sure to get you pumped, in more ways then one!

Then there's my girl Jennifer or JNL! There is no doubt that Jennifer is motivating and knowledgable (as she is also known as a motivational speaker)! She is well known in the fitness industry for staying in tip top shape every day of the year! This is surprisingly rare in the fitness industry, so if you wanna know how it's done read her books!! ps, THe Mind, Body & Soul Diet is the book I read while on my way to losing 50 lbs and fitting into bikini body! Thank you Jennifer!! 

This is the book I'm currently reading for motivation. I put this one off for a couple years, after hearing about this book I felt as though I already knew everything she discusses. IT DOESN't MATER! I do know much of what Julian discusses in this book, but she has refreshed my memory and she packages this information in such a simple and motivating way that I now think this is a must read! 

Last but not least, Tosca! THis is the book I read while getting motivated for my photoshoot!! what an easy read! Please stock up on this one too!!

I know that these resources are sure to get you excited and provide HEALTHY, long-lasting results!!!