Friday, September 9, 2011

From Couch to Fabulously Fit

Welcome to the Third tip of the "From Couch to Fabulously Fit" series! These are my favorite motivating tips, compiled into several short and sweet posts. These are the tips that got me motivated to get off the couch and got me into a bikini after losing 50 lbs!

Tip #3

Read Motivating Material! 
If you are having a tough time getting off that couch then this is one more great tip for you! Pick up some motivating fitness material that will guide you in your fitness journey and get you excited!! It never fails when I am feeling the slump every few months! This method has worked for me for years and I know it will help you combined with all my other tips!! 

This has been one of my favorite magazines since I discovered it along with Muscle and Fitness Her's in 2002! Reliable, consistent material sure to get you pumped, in more ways then one!

Then there's my girl Jennifer or JNL! There is no doubt that Jennifer is motivating and knowledgable (as she is also known as a motivational speaker)! She is well known in the fitness industry for staying in tip top shape every day of the year! This is surprisingly rare in the fitness industry, so if you wanna know how it's done read her books!! ps, THe Mind, Body & Soul Diet is the book I read while on my way to losing 50 lbs and fitting into bikini body! Thank you Jennifer!! 

This is the book I'm currently reading for motivation. I put this one off for a couple years, after hearing about this book I felt as though I already knew everything she discusses. IT DOESN't MATER! I do know much of what Julian discusses in this book, but she has refreshed my memory and she packages this information in such a simple and motivating way that I now think this is a must read! 

Last but not least, Tosca! THis is the book I read while getting motivated for my photoshoot!! what an easy read! Please stock up on this one too!!

I know that these resources are sure to get you excited and provide HEALTHY, long-lasting results!!!