Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From Couch to fabulously Fit

In this new series beginning August 1st, I will take you through my personal fitness journey, revealing my  top secrets that got me motivated to get off the couch and got me into a bikini after losing 50 lbs! The key I explain is to enjoy your fitness process/journey. We all want to feel sexy and confident in our bodies. How do we get there and stay there? We enjoy the ride...
what are some of the secrets?

  1. Buy cute workout clothes! these don't have to be expensive, check out target and forever 21!
  2. Make a workout friend! I don't care how you do it, make a new friend at the gym or drag one of your current friends, but have a friend that you workout with at least twice per week!
  3. Clean eats! get creative and cultured with your food. throw on some french tunes, poor a glass of heart healthy red wine and start cooking a new french inspired, clean version recipe.
  4. Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare! 

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