Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear Fitness Friends

Hi Fitness friends!

 For some reason Blogger was down all day yesterday so I will have to catch you up today!
I'll start with today and then get back to you later this evening about the last two days.
This morning Evelyn woke up at 5am so I did too. Not a lot of beauty sleep last night but I'm praying for some tonight. I started with my day with
black coffee
1/2 scoop BSN protein powder
1/4 cup soy milk
I had 4 egg whites
sauteed spinach in coconut oil
1 cup of whole wheat cherios
for the rest of the day I will eat a total of 6 oz of salmon & asparagus (split into two more meals & more water!)

Then for exercise I did a short 1/2 hour of kickboxing in my living room with a friend, had a play date immediatly after with the same friend and I'll finish the day off with 90 minutes of hot yoga tonight. I can't wait to sweat out my toxins and relax!! Then I'll come home, use my teeth whitening product and my all natural Eminence face mask and start packing for my shoot. I have to get a few outfits ready, my hair supplies, my makeup and my ipod radio thingy. I love having some music playing in the background for my shoot!

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