Monday, May 9, 2011

Lose 5lbs instantly!

 I'm going to share with you this incredible lose 5lbs instantly tip! spray tan!!! Like my friend Tropical Troy says, "a tan is worth 40 days at the gym" or something close to that. Point being, it's amazing and really does work. try it!
 Because I have spent months trying to find the best instant, non-self tanner and cheap spray tan, I am going to help you save some time by sharing my new find with you!
I'm telling you, I have used several different products and not only have they been discontinued and no where to be found but they did not work as well as the product that I have just discovered! plus, this product is cheaper! Are you ready to learn what brand it is so you can go buy it!?!

Sally Hansen
 Airbrush legs

Find this product at your local Walgreens store and stock up! It's makeup for your legs. If you wanna wear a skirt or shorts but your legs look pale or uneven then spray some of this on, rub it in and voila, beauty in a can!

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